Flexor Suit

Rise of the Salton Sea
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Flexor Suits (FSuits) are similar to flexible wingsuits in that they allow a pilot to maneuver and extend free fall time. FSuits have several advantages over standard wingsuits. Foremost is the ability of the Flexor Tendons to create a semi-rigid flying structure that allows for vastly improved maneuverability. Flight control surfaces similar to what one would expect on a typical airplane, with the exception of a rudder, are also part of the suit and can be fully retracted. ParaWings are usually deployed as part of a landing procedure, but can be used at any time during a flight for enhanced steering and prolonging flight times. The FSuits AIc has the capability to land without the use of ParaWings. Some skilled pilots are able to perform landings in this manner as well, but are usually far less precise than the AIc.