Letter to Descendants

Rise of the Salton Sea
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Below is an unedited version of a letter written by Marie Sinclare in 1906 to her future offspring. It was lost or forgotten until being discovered in the early 2040s.


My dearest offspring. I know not whether this letter will find my grandchildren, great grandchildren, or an even more distant relative. Even though I shall of course be long dead, please know that I will still love you. My love will reach you as a gift from the past.

Long before you were born my dear husband Daniel and I embarked on a grand project to create an ocean and transform a desert into a paradise. We failed, but not entirely. While we might have failed, the foundation that effort was based upon survives. Though it may take generations, I have no doubts our family will one day succeed.

I apologize for my vagaries as you must be curious about that which I refer to. Your curiosity will not be satiated by this letter, but fear not. I, along with my children have written troves of information about the doings of our family. It will be passed down to you in due course when you are ready. And if you are reading this letter it means just that.

Every year after Daniel's death, I find myself growing frustrated that I was not able to complete this task. And now that my life is near its end, I am saddened to know that I was not able to give this to you, instead shifting the burden of work to my future offspring. Although it may take generations to complete, I am confident we will succeed in the end. I also know that the dream that comes alive may not be what we envisioned, but know that if I could come back to see it I would be proud of you.

All of my love,