Letter to Descendants on Conspiracy

Rise of the Salton Sea
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My dearest offspring. I have taken to writing these letters in my old age in the hopes of letting you know your history.

There is a dark subject I would like to let you know about. If you have been reading my letters in the order I arranged the collection, you will know my about my life's work. Perhaps I'm getting too old, but I believe someone else knew of our plans and tried to stop us. We planned every detail and strove to keep everything a secret. I thought we had succeeded because no one ever approached us to stop us. But I believe someone did stop us. I know there was someone or some group that succeeded in stopping us. What I do not understand is why they did it in such a subtle secret fashion. I also don't know how much they really knew beyond our direct efforts to flood the Salton Sink.

Again, I might just be a paranoid old woman babbling about conspiracy theories, but there's just no rational explanation of why Mr. Harriman spent so much of the Southern Pacific's money on stopping the flooding. Someone else was funding it and moving the money through Harriman and his company.