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{{{3}}} Roll call vote {{{3}}}], via Senate.gov

List of all United States legal citation templates

These templates are for citing U.S. codes and laws. To cite court cases, use {{Cite court}}, or for the U.S. Supreme Court, use {{Scite}} or {{Ussc}}.

Parameters in (parentheses) are optional.

Template(s) Parameter(s) Description
1 2 3 4 pipe
{{UnitedStatesCode}}, {{USC}} Title Section (end of section range)   (pipe) United States Code (USC) via Cornell University's Legal Information Institute
{{UnitedStatesCode2}}, {{USC2}} Title Section Description   USC via Cornell: description of the section
{{UnitedStatesCodeSec}}, {{USCSec}} Title Section   (pipe) USC via Cornell: when citing one of a series of USC sections, where it would be redundant to display the full citation for each section, this template can be used to display only the section number.
{{UnitedStatesCodeSub}}, {{USCSub}} Title Section Up to 6 levels of "sub" Access to subsection/paragraph/subparagraph/clause/... to allow correct hyperlinking to the anchors embedded in the Cornell pages.
{{USCSub2}} Title Section Up to 6 levels of "sub" Combines {{USCSec}} and {{USCSub}}, eliminating redundancy when citing subsections / subparagraphs / &c.
{{UnitedStatesCodeClause}}, {{USCClause}} Title Section Clause   USC via Cornell: allows clauses
{{Usc-title-chap}}, {{usctc}} Title Chapter (Subchapter)   (pipe) USC via Cornell: title/chapter links.
{{USIRC}} Section     Internal Revenue Code {{UnitedStatesCode}}
{{USStat}} Volume Page     Statutes at Large via the Library of Congress, the Government Publishing Office, or Google Books
{{USPL}} Congress Ordinal law   Public Law via GPO FDsys
{{USStatute}} Congress Ordinal law (Volume) (Page)   Combines {{USPL}} and {{USStat}},
optional Year ({{{5}}}), Month ({{{6}}}), Day ({{{7}}}),
optional {{USBill}}: (Bill type ({{{8}}}) and number ({{{9}}}))
{{USBill}} Congress Bill type (S, SJ, HR, HJ) Bill number (1-?)   (pipe) Congressional bills via THOMAS
{{US House Vote}}, {{USHVote}} Year Vote House roll-call vote via Clerk.House.gov
{{US Senate Vote}}, {{USSVote}} Congress Session Vote Senate roll-call vote via Senate.gov
{{USCongRec}} Year Page (date)   Congressional Record via GPO FDsys
{{Federal Register}}, {{USFR}} Volume Page   Federal Register via GPO FDsys
{{CodeFedReg}}, {{USCFR}} Volume Part Section (Clause)   Code of Federal Regulations via GPO FDsys
{{Executive Order}} Number   Executive orders via Wikisource
{{USTreaty}} Congress Treaty number Treaties
{{UnitedStatesSentencingGuidelines}}, {{USSG}} ChapterSection Up to 7 levels of "sub" (year)   Latest U.S. Federal Sentencing Guidelines (effective Nov. 1, 2012) via the U.S. Sentencing Commission website. Optional |year= references specific Guidelines applicable to a sentence imposed on or after Nov. 1st of that given year.
{{frcrp}} Chapter Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure (current) via Cornell University's Legal Information Institute
{{frcp}} Rule Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (current) via federalrulesofcivilprocedure.org
{{frbp}} Rule Federal Rules of Bankruptcy Procedure (current) via federalrulesofbankruptcyprocedure.org
{{frap}} Chapter Federal Rules of Appellate Procedure (current) via Cornell University's Legal Information Institute
{{fre}} Rule Federal Rules of Evidence (current) via rulesofevidence.org
Template(s) 1 2 3 4 pipe Description