125th United States Congress

Rise of the Salton Sea
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The 125th Congress is the first to include 4 new representatives and 4 new senators from the new island states of Carribia (consisting of the former Puerto Rico and the United States Virgin Islands territories) and Pacifica (consisting of the former Guam, American Samoa and the Northern Mariana Islan...ᑏᐎᐓᐱǏສດḏṁ₡₥liʅɱ̍n̪ỷǙỪỪʏ̃ʘɞ̯ɯ̃o̯oສດḏṁ₡₥liʅɱ̍n̪πΉΨαῆᾣЪѯѥѦ؟ې۸ݹץז...Fragmentary Encryption Anomaly; Information irretrievable, data stream terminated.