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Rise of the Salton Sea
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BiographerDavid Harriman
EditorBJ Lindholm
GenreBiographical Narrative
PublisherAstounding Publications
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Rise of the Salton Sea is the first novel in a series of biopic narratives.

The descriptions, events, and lives depicted in the novels are aggregated from the remnants of several personal journals found at an abandoned military installation on the west coast of the United States. Additional information was discovered at a later date that corroborated many of the events documented in the journals, much of which is available from this Wiki.

Purpose of this Wiki

This Wiki was created to provide additional context, reference, and scope for the events and life experiences of the people described in the novel(s).

About this Wiki

The contents of this Wiki are sourced from a wide range of data, which includes documents, images, and personal journals. Many of the documents and images have served as a valuable resource to corroborate descriptions and claims made in the personal journals. Information selected for publication on this website is intended to enhance the reading experience of the novels by augmenting the recollections of each person made in their personal journals.

Content Sources for Articles and Other Material

The contents of this Wiki also consist of items recovered from several discrete versions of Wikipedia that span several decades. It is not a complete or comprehensive version of the various Wikipedia editions.

The articles, documents, and images published on this website were contained within various forms of salvaged media. In their original form, the media consisted of mostly outdated electronic storage devices from the 1960s along with some printed material.

The bulk of information retrieved thus far has been textual, with the number of images recovered being very limited. Additional graphics, based on written descriptions, have been created to compliment the articles.

Information from personal journals is not directly included on this site. However, in some circumstances, the journals have been used to corroborate information contained in some articles regarding minor details.

Encryption, Decryption, & Other Data Recovery Issues

The individual files found on the electronic media were found to be protected with a sophisticated encryption technology. A significant investment of effort and resources were required to understand the encryption technology and develop a method of decrypting it. Even with the vast capabilities of modern computers, the decryption process takes a considerable amount of time. As a result, the number of articles that have been decrypted and published on this site represent only a small portion of the total found. Additionally, of the articles that have been published, only a few have been fully decrypted. Most contain multiple sections that remain encrypted.

During the recovery efforts, it was noted the manufacture dates of the physical storage devices and computational capability of computers of that era, combined with the current capabilities of contemporary computers seemed to indicate the file encryption technology was created at a significantly later date than the hardware. This evidence suggests the file encryption technology was developed at least half a century after the storage devices were manufactured.

Portions of the original storage media were physically damaged, rendering some files irretrievable. Another issue encountered has been characterized as a Fragmentary Encryption Anomaly. This type of error occurs during the decryption process. This effectively makes it impossible to completely decipher some articles using current recovery methods. Efforts to develop a solution for the issue are an ongoing effort.

Editing, Formatting, & Publication

All articles and visuals from the various versions of Wikipedia have been converted into a contemporary Wikipedia format as part of the publication process. Other than formatting, no changes have been made to the content.

Even though nothing has been changed during the editing and conversion process, minor modifications made to the original content were discovered. The most prevalent changes are the removal or redaction of proper names of individuals. Any instances of modified content that have been detected are noted in the text of articles.

Journalistic Integrity Debate

A paramount objective of this Wiki is to maintain journalistic integrity. However, most articles have not been fully decrypted. This creates competing interests in the decision process for publishing incomplete articles.

Publishing an incomplete articles risks misunderstanding or misinterpretation by a reader. But there is also a compelling need to make new content available in a timely manner. As a compromise, whenever articles are published, notations are included to warn readers about drawing conclusions based on incomplete content. Please see the Editing Notations Article for additional information on notations.

Article Duplication

Some articles in this Wiki have duplicate subject entries sourced from different years. In order to differentiate articles from multiple years, a trailing date in parenthesis is added to the title of each entry. For example; Salton Sea (2020). If no year is included in a title, it indicates there is currently only a single version of an article available. When multiple year versions of articles are available, readers are encouraged to view all of them for a better understanding of the subject matter.

Additional Media

Additional reference and supporting material has been published on the following websites.


Biography VS Biopic Novelization

The original objective of this project was to present each journal as a biography of the person that wrote it. However, early in the process of preparing their personal journals for publication, it became evident publishing them in that manner would not to do justice to the story of their lives. It was determined that independent biographies would remove vital elements necessary for communicating the broader scope of events occurring outside of each individual's direct experience. A method to convey how their lives were intertwined with others and how it all connected to larger events was necessary.

The most viable solution was to combine segments of every person's life journey into a single biographical narrative. Writing it in this manner made it possible for each person's unique perspective to be combined into a cohesive accounting of larger events that considered multiple viewpoints. But it also raised several other issues. First was the concern each individual's story might be diminished if it was perceived as a dramatization. Every precaution has been taken to avoid this pitfall and accurately preserve every person's thoughts, feelings, and perspectives when conveying it from their journals into a biopic.

Whenever possible, information sourced from journals has been corroborated with decrypted articles from this Wiki.

Future Releases

Additional novels titled Moon Shift, World Shift, and Birth of the Salton Sea will follow the release of Rise of the Salton Sea. It is anticipated there will be enough remaining material from the journals to publish another series of novels that focus on each individual. The first novel in that series is expected to be Fire on High.


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Recommended Articles

As previously noted the purpose of this Wiki is to provide context and scope to the lives of the people chronicled in their personal journals and the events they experienced. Their lives can be better understood by reading the books and using this Wiki as reference. Below are a list of recommend articles that readers can use to quickly familiarize themselves with various aspects of their world.

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From the borders of our world, across an unknown line we offer all these stories, from another time.