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This article is not part of the 2101 Solarian Edition of Wikipedia. It was added to clarify the information published in this Wiki.

Please see Acronyms & Abbreviations for TLA, FLA, and other alphabetic amalgamations.

This Wiki contains significant amounts of information relating to the future. Because of this, readers may not be familiar with various words and terminology used within articles. To address that potential issue, definitions and explanations are provided in the following sections. It is intended to clarify the subject matter contained in this Wiki and help avoid misunderstanding and confusion. The list is alphabetized and an index is provided at the bottom of the page.


Dally is a slang term that is used to refer to a Dalmatian, usually used by firefighters in reference to a fire house dog, not necessarily a Dalmatian.

Fragmentary Encryption Anomaly

A Fragmentary Encryption Anomaly (FEA) is a common type of error encountered in the process of decrypting the source data this Wiki is based on.

Future Events

See Future History.

Future History

Future Events is redirected here. Within the context of this Wiki, the contemporary definition of Future History is inaccurate and has been relocated to Speculative Future History which is related to fictional writing.

Classic Definition

Future History has historically fallen under the Speculative Fiction umbrella. The term has been used to refer to a hypothesized version of the future, typically used in science fiction stories. These stories are sometimes combined with Alternate History to create timelines that are radically different than the reality we know.

Repurposed Definition

The articles in this Wiki depict a Future History that has the potential to exist and become reality. This makes it necessary to change the definition of Future History from speculative in nature to a probable future.


There is however a significant caveat which relates to the Multiverse Theory. Our future reality may not contain all of the Future History described by the articles in this Wiki. It is possible we might see only a small portion of events become reality. Equally possible is a future where a large number of events come into being.

Influence of this Wiki

Regardless of the Multiverse Theory, it is likely publishing this Wiki will have some impact on future events. Whether it steers our reality away from or towards the future described by this Wiki is debatable. Please see Deliberations Related to Publishing this Wiki for an expanded explanation of the influence of this Wiki on Future History.


Initialisms can be considered a category of acronyms. The difference is subtle and based on how it verbally stated. Acronym Example: NASA (sometimes spelled with lowercase letters as Nasa), which stands for National Aeronautics and Space Administration is said as a two syllable and pronounced /'næsə/. Initialism Example: USA, which stands for the United States of America is said by saying the individual letters, U, S, and A.

Most Forward Dated

A term used in place of the word "recent" to describe the most recent item relative to a future date. Compare the following example: "This is the most recent version of the article available." VS "This is the most forward dated version of the article available." The former is relative to live / actual time and the latter is relative to a date in the future.


Winger is a slang version of the gender neutral term wingmate (originally wingman). It was originally used to describe a type of 'buddy system' relationship between pilots that had the objective of reducing risk, danger, and accidents, but has been expanded to include additional groups in air services beyond pilots.


Future Events

Future History