Rise of the Salton Sea
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megaCORP is a term that refers to the extremely large business entities created by the Corporate Expansion Act of 2033 in the United States of America. Other countries and regions passed similar legislation within a short time span that established equivalent entities. megaCORPs are generally a large collection of corporations, businesses, LLCs, etc. combined into a single legal entity, but can also include non-business entities such as individuals. Most megaCORPs were established based on the geographic locations of the companies and other entities they were created from.

In the United States of America, along with many other nations, the regions megaCORPs control are referred to as commercial Zones ( cZs ).

Equivalent Terms, Acronyms, Initialisms, Phrases, etc.;

  • megaCORPs
  • mCORP
  • mCORPs
  • mC (megaCORP)
  • mCs (megaCORPs)