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This article is not part of the 2101 Solarian Edition of Wikipedia. It was added to clarify the information published in this Wiki.

Some recovered articles in the native 2010Sv Wikipedia format require extensive manual editing before they can be published in the contemporary Wikipedia format. This can take a considerable amount of time. If editing has not been completed on an article, it will be tagged with various messages indicating the progress. For example: [Manual Edit; Initial Draft], [Manual Edit; Final Version Pre-Draft, etc.]

Manual Edit tags delineate sections of or complete articles. They are used to indicate sections, pages, and articles, both partial and complete, that cannot be directly translated from their future version to the classic wiki format. Sections that include this tag are in one of several stages of editing. This editing and ongoing decryption efforts are a work in progress. If an article is incomplete, please check back on a regular basis for updates. A notification system for updates is anticipated in the near future.

Usage of Manual Edit Tags

The difficulties that require the use of these tags encompass a wide range of issues including contextual issues, vernacular issues, chronological orientation issues, and not yet existent references among many others. In addition, some articles in their future version do not translate well into a contemporary format and must be manually edited. Articles that fall under this category are tagged with various "Manual Edit" tags.

Decryption issues can elay the progress from "Initial Draft" to "Final Draft".

Manual Edit tags have an opening and closing tag. An example of an opening tag; [Manual Edit; Initial Draft] An example of a closing tag; [\Manual Edit; Initial Draft]


Below is a partial list of sub-tags used with the Manual Edit tag;

[Manual Edit; Initial Draft]; The "Initial Draft" is the first version of a section, page, or article that is posted on the wiki

[Manual Edit; Pre-Final Draft]; A "Pre-Final Draft" usually includes the majority of information that will be present in the final version of a section, page, or article. Most changes made after this stage relate to grammatical or other structural changes the information. Exceptions can occur which result in major revisions and a return to the "Initial Draft" stage. These exceptions happen if additional, newer or older, versions of the same subject matter are discovered after decryption. Sometimes all the information is incorporated into a single article, other times separate pages are created with a trailing date (Example; XYZ - 2071, XYZ - 2088) to differentiate between different articles written on the same subject matter at different times.

[Manual Edit; Final Draft, etc.]; This is typically the last stage of the review process