Artificial Intelligence (2029)

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This article is about Artificial Intelligence. For the augmented technology, see Synthetic Intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) was a field in computer science dedicated to demonstrating intelligence by machines. Advancements in the field progressed rapidly through the 2020s with "pre-AI" computer systems which were later replaced by Synthetic Intelligence Computer System (SIcs). Common deployments for the technology covered a wide range of applications including automotive, medical, and industrial.

Controversy erupted after several large scale accidents were attributed to malfunctioning AI units that purpos...ז৷ছ৮௯₡₥liʅɱ̍n̪ʘɛ̃ɨ̯i̯बृลỷǙỪỪʏ̃ʘɞ̯ɯ̃o̯o₵₭৳±§‽₳งឥឈះោᑏᐎᐓᐱǏ...[null Fragmentary Encryption Anomaly]; Information irretrievable, data stream terminated.

ḏṁ₡₥liʅɱ̍n̪ỷǙỪỪʏ̃ʘɞ̯ɯ̃o̯oສດḏṁ₡₥liʅɱ̍n̪πΉsult usage and research was banned by law.

Iç¤&�ÁÎØýK|�nthetic Intelligence Computer Systems supplanted AI technology. SIcs utilized several aspects of AI technology, but differed in that it compartmentalized the AI portion of the system in ordỪỪʏ̃ʘɞ̯ɯ̃o̯oສດḏṁ₡₥liʅɱ̍n̪ḏṁ₡₥liʅɱ̍n̪ỷǙπΉ...Fragmentary Encryption Anomaly; Information irretrievable, data stream terminated.