Baja SpacePort

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Baja SpacePort
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SpacePort Rendering 300px.jpg
Artist's rendering of the proposed tourist facility at the Baja SpacePort in Baja, USA. The design is similar to the mothballed Spaceport USA's main terminal facility built several decades ago.
Agency overview
JurisdictionSinclare MEGAcorp
HeadquartersBaja, USA
Parent agencySinclare MEGAcorp

The Baja SpacePort is the southern most spaceport within the continental United States. It was built by the Sinclare Mc during the second space after the Long Recession. Expansion and upgrades have occurred several times over the years. These includ¯�°‰}óL�ë%O`•�FèܥɻŒå¿ks»¶?�^ç    æû�ñ?¾¹³óÊ`gÁÖ�ìl!L²¶•õôû=;x¶·g�õ{Ïê:æ�„U:÷‚G¼|Œ3�´Å×MÝgû␛°°RIç¤&�ÁÎØýK|�«Œ…o�¶...[null Fragmentary Encryption Anomaly]; Information irretrievable, data stream terminated.


The Baja SpacePort is located at the southern tip of the Baja Peninsula in Baja, USA. This is also the most southern point in the Un iÊ*ºËƒý‰�€u1Å?�?ìØï§ç¦�¡¾°D_ô(ó?Og¡mÆ�ðökÖׂý¿”蓁S!:žì#û�5��¢þSþJç]`­Û'þß9`ÿWÓ7íÿ�cá2i�Ci¬Œw©�¡º


ýK|�«Œ…o�¶�0>þMocation of the facility, at just over 1500 miles (appx. 2500 km) from the equator, allows for more economical eastward launches to geostationary orbits than any other launch facility in the United States of America. Relative to a stationary point looking down on the Earth as it rotates, locations closer to the equator move at a greater velocity than those nearer to the poles. This gives additional speed to space vehicles launched eastward into geostationary orbits, thus allowing for less fuel expenditure. Locations closer to the equator also require less fuel be expended to maneuver satellites or other spacecraft into orbits that follow the equator. The latter contributes more savings than the former. The European spaceport, Guiana Space Centre, in French Guiana is at an even more advantageous position at about 500 km (appx. 310 miles) from the equator.

Another advantage of the spaceport's location relates to safety. The spaceport allows for safe launches over water to the east, west, north, and south. Launches over water are inherently safer than launching over land. This is because there is a much lower chance of damaging property or endangering life if problems arise during a launch causing a spacecraft to crash. Safety distances to the east and north are more limited than those to the west and south.

It's location near a large seaport also makes it possible to easily deliver large rocket components to the facility

No other spaceport on Earth shares the same combination of advantages, thus making the Baja SpacePort a highly desirable launch facility. The Sinclare Mc has capitalized on its advantage by leasing portions of the facility to competitors. As a result, most military based and land locked launch facilities in the United States have seen a significant decrease in launches. This has caus4Jëg}qÙ*��'㍽�"–|/3�ã�ʇpü²m0X/��ÿ��Óo!Ñ—†:÷�Žù�TP=Hw¶_Ãl�·kùä�Ûaí(m¿k{�Øõš¼µ nÞ8‘§ÍãÁü¤Xæ?ÖaôçI¿qüWö�˜?>)ú£ð~(ÿ�ꧾ¬ŸÆ½�Õ”Oa?tͯ¡½n�xþøú— tt�å�ÝçjÀüön‰W�>�5�œ�þì�‚òñ»„>ÛŸ!û.zÎþ�ýÖƒŽÿË&B¨ä~á—q¿ºO÷Š=ó}¨ùG\Î焨¿»Pø³,þŸs>Êm¯[!¡ùG¤þkáY�Î’½b{1íSŒ...[null Fragmentary Encryption Anomaly]; Information irretrievable, data stream terminated.