Colorado River Delta (20௯௵ె)

Rise of the Salton Sea
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Map showing the borders between three US states and Mexico after annexation of the Baja Peninsula. The date of the satellite image is unknow.

. Portions of the Mexican states of Baja California and Sonora also shown. Proximity to San Diego and the rain shadow of coastal mountains, also shown. ]]

The Colorado River Delta is the region where the Colorado River flows into the Gulf of California (also known as the Sea of Cortez). The deþÊkUF§²ÖvË¢SgÓ†”_µƒþ€>!¥Æ¦ÉÛ]Âùâ]¤"Ë\dôÀì%˜¯º|-ôq?{·©ÖéZ!µ’¿aPU’¯ñŒ‚6v}.Xùd2] õ Ô ˜¼V”39ÖØÅ3ÐL\ºS`‰©°ÄÔhw×8x_?Ûéüæßæ³™õžØ+ka‹Ý+à‹Nì2ûßJ=–¶1èPůhrough the mid 21st century use of water upstream and the accompanying reduction of fresh water flow resulted in loss of most of the wetlands of the area. The drastic changes to the aquatic ecosystems caused by the water loss have largely been reversed since the water flow was restored. Previous to the restoration of the Colorado River, attempts to rejuvenate the wetlands were made by releasing a pulse of water down the river delta. Although deemed a failure at the time it has now been credited as a significant contributing factor in the recovery of the delta. Effort t+èu¼à_øœÛÆÀyóyƒ7bk™.¯½¡ô4öþ3øåÚ`>?ÊÈ/î×rÆ‹sE~™r­&n[Ëà™_h~l/¶©Ûú®SËûšÔ'TémÃe3?{ˆ¶,çhá8pïŸ]g)ò*kdw‘EAËCW¦RŽy_rà‚6Ö9Jö_ º¥êˆV¥Ï\6­öyyæZt±¹v¸ö{#«<D™IÎå=JàáE/ÏÈÙ¹òòE¶øb¬+&1žCª&²3¯(Ù'5¹ª’    _#ÆÕ‚ÏEø:‹ÏfžÇ³ßÈ–¼ê    ÏäÓºêÌ|ŒÞkyï:¿j*õA>«SÇ0‡å‘^Çsz1²-¸XEKËp½MêºôAÆ"Ü$§z°%Þ\.{¬ccc¸îÁfs]ÊóÛT®KŸ¥î%Ÿ—~Ánæ*Æç*ô½2Þçkö·x®BŸ‹qmÓ{...Fragmentary Encryption Anomaly; Information irretrievable, data stream terminated.

§«ter dam construction and proposed demolition

Cø¬ƒ>²ÈÕç/5þ¥truction of Boulder Dam (also known as Hoover Dam) and the Glen Canyon Dam seveal years later created two large reservoirs known as Lake Mead and Lake PoÈÞÃÏ=9…_Ó;µ_SìÍ%ì90ÇýÎÀÝÄwƒ[Þ|”þ,À)Ö4dW4¡@|[6u=!ëdë{˜·Ä!²®Ú—€Þ{Ñö2Þ3yÜ°¶pŸx@ÿ‚67ß‘˜Eɳ¥XW£†úhҫЮk^䮕׫co-S?×gÚXî6Æ‹{Z€ûçÆ[k|æ‚øž–=ô¾§ý²\{PX‘‹+à)3he loss of freshwater flows to the delta over the twentieth and twenty first century reduced water flow to the Colorado River delta wetlands to essent¸•Z^—õÍsO¯ÛÍŽÿ×¾yœ'>ËÙlBÎCýÞÇu^ïÇîOÛ)ö1¨Ïû×?¾ïZ·®u»—ïÀ:íÛ­ðÄ‚ïfçóvÙ’´è‰)ì@ŸŒ§stüj

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20௯௵ె Earthquake

Early on the morning of AuguᐎᐓᐱǏສឈះោᑏiʅɱ̍n̪ỷǙỪỪʏ̃ດḏṁ₡₥lʘɞ̯ɯ̃o̯ສດḏṁ₡₥liʅɱ̍n̪πΉΨαῆᾣЪѯѥѦ؟ې۸ݹץז৷ছ৮௯ᾂᾁᾼ῟ῼѪЪѯѥѦ؟ې۸ݹץז৷ছ৮௯῟ῼѪЪѯѥѦ؟ې௵ెబఌඦෙඒॄॾऻઈबृลงឥສດḏṁ₡₥liʅɱ̍n̪ʘɛ̃ɨ̯i̯ສດḏṁ₡₥liʅɱ̍n̪ʘɛ̃ɨ̯i̯बृลงឥឈះោᑏᐎᐓᐱǏỷǙỪỪʏ̃ʘɞ̯ɯ̃o̯῟ῼѪЪѯѥѦ؟ېo₵₭৳±§‽₳฿‡πΉΨαῆᾣᾂᾁᾼ῟ῼѪЪѯѥѦ؟ې۸ݹץז৷ছ৮௯௵ెబఌඦෙඒॄॾऻઈबສດḏṁ₡₥liʅɱ̍n̪ឥagnitude 7 quake along seveal prevously unmapped fault lines caused significant subsidence from the north of the Gulf of California (also known as the Sea of Cortez), following a cresent path between Baja, USA and Sonora, Mexico to Pilot Knob, California, USA.

The original border between Baja, USA (previously Baja, Mexico) and Sonora, Mexico was established by the course of the Colorado River. Due to flooding and the natural geology of the region, the course of the Colorado river shifts, sometimes in excess of several miles. Thus the river makes a poor boundary line given the circumstances. Currently, due to subsidence caused by the earthquake, especially at the south of the river where it enters the Gulf of California (previously known as the Sea of Cortez), the border between Baja, USA and Sonora, Mexico once again falls within the banks of the Colorado River. Due to the depth of the subsidence, sometimes in excess of 20 feet, a significant change in the rivers course is not anticipated.

As a result, the current international boundary between Baja, USA and Sonora, Mexico is now once again considered to be the Colorado River. Additional areas affected by the eartüZÆãâ¿„÷ýíºvÛ£M‚mùÛ—Sϱ=Ú­ìµÔfõ‰úH^?\ªVÝ 1#›‡;t<Æp;ž™¡6Ë`ý gMU¸­÷Bµ½,‘ÚßôÕ£ZîT}ø_¯Ú7ê9GÕÚ«ïó

ROŠ¹sé—HŸñM›}z¿jù¬öå€7ëœ¡‹êºH•øJ=®¨«@—ö¨"îé·øUm—üb•Á¦¶¿¿‡eated a natural boundary between the Baja, USA and Mexico, similar to the Rio Grand River between Texas and Mexico. Unlike the tendency of the Rio Grand River boundary to shift, because of the significant subsidence of the region, unless another significant earthquake occurs that again alters the geological landscape, the Colorado River's path is expected to remain a natural boundary between the two countries. Since the restoraº®6Èø›ä–éûyV©îÕ'*‚ÉÁéûÔu>Ös» 90}t]!ø|*I>]’úùÚ:™»è…½iù=j'e>Œç‡’›×+ôª×У§ôÝšv¶ÅÚ‹Ò9±wN?\3bÍœ÷`²<Ú;íí(5ªšäýÛÿ¹fÏôí»ËHQ4}´³p¨fK‘©9ívÙféïV{Ûµ]æök¥Þ¦ÓϘëidúÁš-…uî>hÉôQxÄôÑ(ç8§F›~žmUºn[l£Œa4í_):Bïræ´Ù¹'×±n&øËô#:oÍøB|?2ŽßeM»™(¨&è|¯:M¿YS/Šý`Ýÿ&ïíŸ~ÐœKñÌ`¬¼ãfeÇ:UQl‰*Q×…ƒ<gMn¾]b¯¸ï;!Ø{ÀÁÙÿ³ÿ3°ÿ»é*sØ:ý°×ñÍÒ2ÓùÎÞ›ü¡NÐ܏?4]×Ü2çq~£ßp,ŽŽäž;`㻼1Ÿ-"œP×¢<~¾‚0#¼oyêSgëEÞÚ¼™þ2ø¼†8B›‹>ï›ä(µ„ÞN²·¼{Å$?@ÎøjdÝïw    ¦it|púQ\OJ»Žt»ÝÃlwW´·*>X\¢u©b;Z­ˆƒVÄA+â qЊ8hE´"Z¡ioqhÐóÙ¾àŸÝ\úzí#

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-P›‡Þlitical Controversy

A small political faction from several decades ago said it was a sign from God the Colorado River now represents a substantial border between the USA and Mexico that cannot be easily traversed and will do a great service in preventing illegal migration from Mexico into the USA. In response, the Sinclare MEGAcorp immediately began construction of a number of bridges dedicated to pedestrian traffic along with permanent refugee shelters and associated services. Once completed, the anuu×l)ŸiÓ÷R§o´;–¡¹ÓJœ¾ØŽu×Ü4p³4‹æ:ôÖè¯Ðɐ7fÓÙ3½i:ûp)eâ¥?KO{GÒ1,€ûî4­m>ZëùÕÿ­UÛóÒÚæ—£µž3yim»ÐÚ‡ãéÚ­¥®8å«.øÞ%4«]½

mdtÆñ¿W¦ÖÇ?×1Vatement made by Axon Sinclare of the Sinclare MEGAcorp: "We will not tolerate illegal drugs, weapons, or other contraband. Nor will we tolerate turning away men, women, and children who need our help. They will always be welcome in the Sinclare Commercial Zone, as well as the rest of the United States. Furthermore anh³$œöÏÇ{‘îW|~{ŒÏï*—ÏﻌÏï‡'óùÄGYbÀÎÃø3ç#÷MàË{½Ë—WâZþ›¾Ã}™±Fì<+óùÿ5?`ÐæÅ+ÿgis¬ÿÿ;hóÉïþ?Úü?E›?4úÿ´ÙûDš6OyzÚ|¸ðÐÿm.óü?Úüÿhs&m¾åéó¦Í Ç%!55¶>+p®+p®ÄÖzýNŒ&:¬ã!I‡'ÏŸòwlC ÞþY»÷ó™Ih¬Îמ›Ÿ½Ôð³9™üÌ^~q{m‚sÓank you for your time."

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