Cortez Fire

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The Cortez Fire was a large wildfire in southern California, USA east of Los Angles and San Diego. It wasn't an exceptionally large fire and it claimed only two lives. The fire is notable because of the heroic efforts that that took place during the fire to save over 1000 lives.

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Events Leading Up to Deployment of the Graf Zeppelin III

The following events are from official logs that were made public and have been condensed to focus on pertinent information.

The Graf Zeppelin III was deployed to the north of the area where the Cortez Fire broke out. She and her sister ship, the Los Angles, were battling a sepatate wild fire.  At the time they were the only two airships in active service.  The airships were able to bring the blaze close to full containment on the first day.  But the second day of the fight was hampered by high winds.  The gusting winds created treacherous conditions and both ships narrowly avoided catastrophe sev῟ῼѪඦෙඒॄॾऻઈឈះោᑏṁЪѯѥѦ؟ې۸ݹץז৷ছ৮௯₡₥liʅɱ̍n̪ʘɛ̃ɨ̯i̯बृลỷǙỪỪʏ̃ʘɞ̯ɯ̃o̯o₵₭৳±§‽₳งឥឈះោᑏᐎᐓᐱǏສດḏṁ₡₥liʅɱ̍n̪ỷǙỪỪʏ̃ʘɞ̯ɯ̃o̯oສດḏṁ₡₥liʅɱ̍n̪πΉΨαῆᾣЪѯѥѦ؟ې۸ݹץז...Fragmentary Encryption Anomaly; Information irretrievable, data stream terminated.

AॾऻઈឈះោᑏṁЪѯѥѦ؟ې۸ݹץז৷ছ৮௯₡₥liʅɱ̍n̪ʘɛ̃ɨ̯vening approached, the Graf started her last attack run of the day.  She was fully loaded and attempted to swing into position when her luck ran out.  An exceptionally strong down draft hit the tail section.  The large horizontal elevators acted like giant parachutes, boosting the downward driving wind.  Unable to counter the force with the maneuvering thrusters the rear of the airship was crushed into the the side of a rocky slope.  Six of the dedicated forward thrust engine gondolas were punched into the hull rendering them useless.  Three more were sheered off along with several of the maneuvering thrusters.  In addition to that, three gas bags were ruptured, over 500 feet of the airship's outer covering was shredded, but there were no crew injuries.

The captain reacted quickly and was able to get the ship airborne after the impact. The Graf retreated and the damage was assessed.  Command determined the damage was too severe to continue the fight, so the Graf was ordered off the fire lines.

While returning to base they received a call for emergency assistance.  Another blaze, the Cortez Fire, that had been under control broke containment.  Forceful winds created a firestorm that was driving towards a small town.


The majority of homes, buildings and other infrastructure were destroyed. The sheriff's department reported only 2 fatalities that were attributed to stress and preexisting health condiʘɛ̃ɨ̯i̯ສດḏṁЪѯѥѦ؟ې۸ݹץז৷ছ৮௯₡₥liʅɱ̍n̪ʘɛ̃ɨ̯i̯बृץז৷ছ৮௯₡₥liʅɱ̍n̪ʘɛ̃ɨ̯i̯बृลỷǙỪỪʏ̃ʘɞ̯ɯ̃o̯o₵₭৳±§‽₳งឥឈះោᑏᐎᐓᐱǏ...Fragmentary Encryption Anomaly; Information irretrievable, data stream terminated.