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External Microelectronic bodily external device(s), commonly referred to as EMbed(s), are electronic devices located on the exterior of the human body used to perform a myriad of functions and enhancements to normal human functions. Some types of devices are easily removable, but others that are attached require special procedures to remove. These devices are typically used by people in place of IMbeds if they are uncomfortable with internally located devices. For individuals with IMbeds, EMbeds are can be interfaced for additional functionality that is better suited for external locations.

Physical prosthetic as well as bionics are considered a different category and are not addressed in this section.

Acronym Notes

The above acronyms follow a similar spelling convention to the words embed and imbed. But while embed and imbed have the same meaning, the acronyms do not mean the same thing.

The word microchip is frequently used in place of microelectronic when expanding the acronym. This is acceptable usage because it conveys the original intent of the acronym, but the original word used in the acronym was microelectronic. Since many other electrical components besides microchips are used in the construction of EMbed(s) and IMbed(s) the use of microelectronics is considered more accurate when expanding the acronym to the full wording.


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