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This article is not part of the Solarian Editions of Wikipedia. It was added, based on information from several sources, to provide clarification for readers and to aid in the understanding of information published in this Wiki.

reVOX or "Re-Vocalization" is a method of voice / speech communication using an emBED or imBED as an intermediary device, typically via rxCOM (rxCOM, often shortened to rCOM = reVOX Communication, tCOM = Text Communication, etc).

reVOX is based on sounds created by human speech that is created by keeping the mouth closed, but speaking words. The resulting sound is akin to humming, but in a speech pattern rather than a song pattern. It can be considered similar to subvocalization, but making audible sounds. Vocal emBEDs or imBEDs, over a period of time, are able to record and map both muted speech and normal speech. Once the emBED or imBED device is able to pattern match muted speech with normal speech, it allows a speaker to converse via rxCOM by speaking using a muted voice while the listener hears the normal conversational voice of the speaker.

The sounds heard by a person in the immediate vicinity of a muted speaker can often be understood. To combat this "eavesdropping", many users of this communication method modify the speech mapping algorithms to recognize very odd accents or even nonsensical sounds in their speech, which renders the sounds unintelligible to an average person standing within hearing distance. Human beings familiar with a muted speaker, such as family members, co-workers, etc., can often understand what is said, after enough exposure to the muted speech patterns. The result is that this method of securing communication is more akin to obfuscation rather than true security. Non-verbal methods of COMing should be used if secure, private communication is desired. Knowing this, some people use this method of communication to purposely mislead eavesdroppers.