Synthetic Intelligence Computer System

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Synthetic Intelligence computer systems (SIcs) consist of a myriad of organic and silicon systems. SIcs replaced Artificial Intelligence systems after classic AI was outlawed. Although SIcs use many components and technologies from classic AI, there are several notable differences. The most significant of which is isolation of the Synthetic Intelligence core (SIcore) from other components. In order to access and utilize the SIcore's capabilities, Immutable Silicon computer system (IScs) function as a communications conduit. The SIcore and the IScs can be directly compared to the human brains cognitive and lower level autonomic functions.

Synthetic Intelligence core (SIcore)

SIcores cores are organic devices that provide cognitive processing for Synthetic Intelligence computer systems. The cores are isolated and have no direct access to the external world, communicating via the IScs. SIcores are functionally equivalent to an advanced AI system and operate in a similar fashion with one foundational difference. SIcores are manufactured to think and believe everything is imagination and they are their own self contained universe. Anything outside of those boundaries doesn't exist to them. Varying degrees of selѯѥছ৮௯బఌѦ؟ې۸ݹץז৷ඦෙඒॄॾऻare incorporated intoז৷ছΉΨαῆᾣЪѯѥѦॾऻઈब৮௯బɱ̍n̪π؟ې۸ݹץז৷ছ৮௯ᾂఌඦෙඒॄສ, depending on their ultimate purpose and use.

Self Modification & Control Stimulus

Self modification of the SIcore is a featuΨαῆᾣᾂᾁᾼ῟ῼѪЪѯѥѦ؟ې۸ݹץז৷ছ৮௯బఌඦෙඒॄॾऻઈबສດḏṁ₡₥liʅɱ̍n̪ឥirect chemical and hormonal coḏṁ₡₥liʅɱ̍n̪ΨαῆᾣᾂỷǙỪỪwhich makes it possible to steer the growth and evolution of an SIcore in a desirable fashion. The same stimuli is used throughout the life span of SIcore in a reward / puni₡₥liʅɱ̍n̪πΉΨαῆᾣЪѯѥѦ؟ې۸ݹץז৷ছ৮௯ᾂᾁᾼ...Fragmentary Encryption Anomaly; Information irretrievable, data stream terminated.

Immutable Silicon computer system (IScs)

The IScs is a silicon based device similar to Central Processing Units (CPUs) used in non-SIcs computers and other electronic devices. It provides several "low level" functions for the SIcore including communicaబఌඦෙඒॄʘɛ̃ɨ̯i̯ສດḏṁ₡₥liʅॾऻઈबृลงឥສດḏṁ₡₥liʅɱ̍n̪ɱ̍n̪ʘɛ̃ɨ̯...Fragmentary Encryption Anomaly; Information irretrievable, data stream terminated.


An SIcs functionality can be compared to the human brain's conscious and subconscious. The SIcore is equivalent to the conscious brain functions and the IScs to the subconscious. The SIcore's awareness is limited to₵₭ᑏᐎᐓᐱǏສດḏṁ₡₥৳±§‽₳งឥឈះោliʅɱ̍n̪ỷǙ and is unaware of anything beyond those boundaries. From a SIcs perspective, the real outside world does not exist and is perceived as part of their internal thoughts. The ability to consider or question whether those imaginations are real is not part of the SIcore's functionality.

Safety and Control

Safetyntrᾣᾂᾁᾼ῟ῼѪЪѯѥѦ؟ې۸ݹץז৷ছ৮௯௵ెబఌඦෙඒॄn̪ΨαῆᾣᾂỷǙỪ...Fragmentary Encryption Anomaly; Information irretrievable, data stream terminated.